Boudoir Outfit Ideas | Nothing

Drawing a Blank for Boudoir Outfit Ideas? Try nothing!     When you think boudoir outfit ideas, what usually comes to mind is corsets, garters, and stockings. What about “nothing”? Dare to bare it all in noir style black and whites, nude in the sheets, or with a super sexy heel. I remember a few […]

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Discovering Hidden Beauty

Citrus Heights Boudoir Photography Ms K’s Experience Letting Out the Hidden Beauty   Ms K’s Citrus Heights Boudoir Photography Experience, in her own words. What was your biggest fear before hiring us for Citrus Heights Boudoir Photography? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead? I would say my biggest fear was really […]

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Sacramento Boudoir Photography Presents: Mama by Day Nurse by Night, Beautiful Photos That Will Last Her Lifetime

   text  text  When Ms L contacted our Sacramento boudoir photography studio, she had just seen her friend’s album and fell in love with the idea. Ms L wanted her images to look back on and say “Wow, I was HOT!” We’d have to agree!  Read on for Ms L’s experience in our Sacramento boudoir […]

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portrait photography sacramento pink sweater

Portrait Photography Sacramento | Great Fun and Empowerment

Ms M came in for a portrait photography session to boost her self confidence and see herself as more than just the roles she plays. She is incredibly smart and dedicated to her job in medicine, but didn’t see herself as the gorgeous woman she is.   What was your biggest fear before hiring us for […]

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Chasing the Dream

Once I knew photography had hold of my soul, I took every class available in high school and volunteered as TA for the next three years.  Just after my sixteenth birthday, my cousin got married in Santa Barbara, and I was introduced to Brooks Institute of Photography in Montecito. I had no idea there was […]

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Sexy Wedding Gift for Her Groom

A Sexy Wedding Gift for Her Groom Ms A wanted to surprise her groom with an out-of-this-world sexy wedding gift; she chose to shoot her bridal boudoir in my studio and I was honored to capture her sexy side. I wanted to have a sexy wedding gift that wowed my husband on our wedding day […]

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Beautiful In Her Own Skin | Sacramento Boudoir Pictures

Sacramento Boudoir Pictures  to Accept Herself She chose Sacramento boudoir pictures because: “I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel truly beautiful in my own skin again without losing the weight.” Ms T contacted me, wanting to surprise her hubby for their anniversary, as well as see herself as beautiful. She had been feeling bad about gaining […]

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When Photography Stole My Soul

Choosing elective courses in high school was a soduku challenge at my house; I was allowed to take music class, since I had been playing the trombone since the sixth grade–yes, a band geek. But I couldn’t take classes like pottery, jewelry making, home ec or the like; they weren’t serious or educational enough, or […]

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