Chasing the Dream

Once I knew photography had hold of my soul, I took every class available in high school and volunteered as TA for the next three years.  Just after my sixteenth birthday, my cousin got married in Santa Barbara, and I was introduced to Brooks Institute of Photography in Montecito. I had no idea there was […]

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Sexy Wedding Gift for Her Groom

A Sexy Wedding Gift for Her Groom Ms A wanted to surprise her groom with an out-of-this-world sexy wedding gift; she chose to shoot her bridal boudoir in my studio and I was honored to capture her sexy side. I wanted to have a sexy wedding gift that wowed my husband on our wedding day […]

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Beautiful In Her Own Skin | Sacramento Boudoir Pictures

Sacramento Boudoir Pictures  to Accept Herself She chose Sacramento boudoir pictures because: “I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel truly beautiful in my own skin again without losing the weight.” Ms T contacted me, wanting to surprise her hubby for their anniversary, as well as see herself as beautiful. She had been feeling bad about gaining […]

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When Photography Stole My Soul

Choosing elective courses in high school was a soduku challenge at my house; I was allowed to take music class, since I had been playing the trombone since the sixth grade–yes, a band geek. But I couldn’t take classes like pottery, jewelry making, home ec or the like; they weren’t serious or educational enough, or […]

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