Sexy Boudoir | Tushy Tuesday

Sexy Boudoir Photos Thanks to our great Facebook community, this photo got the LIKES it deserves (in advance, thanks for playing), and can now be fully revealed. We love shooting tasteful, classy boudoir, and sometimes we get to shoot totally sexy boudoir! This is a great boudoir pose for everyone: modest and revealing at the […]

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mature glamour mature boudoir

Mature Boudoir and Glamour Photography | Introducing bel âge Folsom

The last few months I’ve delivered portraits to  beautiful women, women that share something specific in common: their over looked ages.  A gift for her husband of 20+ years. A gift, ultimately, for her.  As she pulled the images out of the gorgeous silk box she had ordered, she quietly, so quietly said, “I will […]

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boudoir outfit ideas

Glamour Photography Outfit Ideas |Bring What I Want

Tee hee; just kidding about that last part.  Sort of! In all seriousness, this is the biggest question I get in my photography studio:  What do I bring to wear?  Now, the first thing that comes to mind, of course, when choosing boudoir outfits, is garters, stockings and bras, basically ‘typical’  lingerie.  Don’t limit yourself, […]

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History of Female Beauty vol 3 | Glamour Photographer Sacramento

Glamour Photography Sacramento Part 1:     What started this in the first place? Part 2:     Responses on Facebook to my question WTF happened? Prepare to either be dazzled by my brilliance or baffled by my bullshit. My observation is very simple.  I call it “Porn Chic (C)”.  I noticed, over the last 10 […]

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History of Female Beauty vol 2 | Boudoir Photographer Sacramento

Glamour Photographer Sacramento Some of the answers I got on my Glamour and Boudoir Photography Page on Facebook: “Guess what ladies…sex has *always* sold. People have been photoshopping pictures since before there were pictures. And all of those near-naked pics of women in ads…the ads aren’t geared toward men, they’re geared toward *YOU*, and you eat […]

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M’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

M came in fora fun and fabulous Bombshell Boudoir package right before the holidays to surprise her man.  She was an absolute gem–she brought all kinds of fun accessories, outfits and a great attitude. She wanted to experience something completely different than every day life:  home, hubby and three kids (!!).  Isn’t she fabulous?!  Thank […]

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CC’s Boudoir Shoot

CC told me she hates to have her photo taken, but you can see that she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She wanted to treat herself to something completely different this year and decided to go for a Bombshell Package. She was sooooo much fun to work with! Thank you CC for sharing allowing me to share […]

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