Nude Portraits

sexy nude photos anonymous underboobA question that keeps coming up in the last few weeks: do I do nude portraits in my studio? YES.

In my studio, women have had no hesitation about taking off their clothes with me around.  And I’ve never had a problem with clients taking their clothes off in front of me. Remember, I was a waxer for years before opening my photography studio.

When I was working in Boston and Hollywood as a full time Esthetician, I was asked to wax almost everything. Estheticians were doing “Brazilians” before they were given the name. In fact, we had no idea what shorthand name to give the service so clients could request it easily!  The name we gave it in private is not fit for consumption here.

I was at a vendor fair recently, and was approached by another professional photographer. She asked me about the Boudoir and Nude photography in my business.  She was curious about how hard it was for me to get clients comfortable with taking off their clothes.  Not difficult at all.  Why, she asked…Hmm. I believe it comes down to having an appreciation for what I think beauty is. Everyone I meet is beautiful to me in some way.  I also ask my clients what they love the most about themselves and highlight that in their portrait session.  People naturally trust me not to judge them or focus on what they don’t like about their body.

So a few days ago, I had a client call and ask me if I was comfortable with shooting nudes as a gift for her hubby. Yes, I am perfectly comfortable. I shoot very tasteful, beautiful fine art style nude portraits. So if you’d like to have those for your honey, or for you; by all means, you’re welcome to take off your clothes.

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