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Roseville Boudoir Photography | Do it Again

Roseville Boudoir Photography | She’s Doing it Again What was your biggest fear before booking your Roseville boudoir photography session? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead? My biggest fear was showing all the imperfections and flaws through the camera, but it now how it all turned out. The finished photos were […]

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Hot Mama’s Day Out | El Dorado Hills Boudoir Photography

El Dorado Hills Boudoir Photography Experience Shows Her She’s Still Got IT Ms T’s El Dorado Hills boudoir photography experience showed her she’s not “just a mama” or a grocery-getter. She’s a gorgeous goddess, and now she sees it! When you booked your El Dorado Hills photography experience, did you have any hesitations or fears? My biggest fear […]

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2017 Recap | The Crazy

Oh, 2017, how you vexed me. I have been waiting for today to come for the last six months, and in between, thinking today was going to be the biggest challenge I felt all year, boy, did you show ME! Let’s back up, shall we? In September 2016, I had terrible pain in my left […]

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Fair Oaks Boudoir Photography | Feeling Amazing

Fair Oaks Boudoir Photography and She Feels Amazing! While in the middle of her weight loss journey, Ms T wanted to document how she feels in the NOW, which is the best time to book a Fair Oaks boudoir photography session, in our humble opinion! Did you have any fears about booking your Fair Oaks boudoir photography session? I was afraid […]

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brunette woman laying on fur blanket and red lingerie by roseville boudoir photographer

Renewing Strength | Roseville Boudoir Photographer

Ms J’s Healing Journey with Roseville Boudoir Photographer Jillian Todd After finding out that my husband of 22 years has been cheating on me with young prostitutes for many of those years, my “white picket fence” world came crashing down around me.  I just couldn’t fathom how he could betray me, our children, and the […]

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