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History of Female Beauty vol 3 | Glamour Photographer Sacramento

Glamour Photography Sacramento Part 1:     What started this in the first place? Part 2:     Responses on Facebook to my question WTF happened? Prepare to either be dazzled by my brilliance or baffled by my bullshit. My observation is very simple.  I call it “Porn Chic (C)”.  I noticed, over the last 10 […]

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History of Female Beauty vol 2 | Boudoir Photographer Sacramento

Glamour Photographer Sacramento Some of the answers I got on my Glamour and Boudoir Photography Page on Facebook: “Guess what ladies…sex has *always* sold. People have been photoshopping pictures since before there were pictures. And all of those near-naked pics of women in ads…the ads aren’t geared toward men, they’re geared toward *YOU*, and you eat […]

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M’s Makeover Photo Shoot

Glamour Photography Sacramento The first time I heard from M, it was through an email that completely broke my heart. She talked about how, basically, she hated the way she looked. I’m not doing this for any occasion.  I now come to the point where I don’t want any pictures of myself taken.  I am literally […]

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I Hate Rag Magazines | Folsom Glamour Photography

Bay Area Glamour Photographer When women come into my photography studio here in Sacramento, I have very specific “rules”-no bashing themselves, no comparing themselves to anyone else, no pointing out what they “hate” about themselves…and they HAVE to enjoy their makeover and photoshoot. Ok, well, that is my responsibility! To that end, I absolutely HATE those […]

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Before she schedules her boudoir session, Glamour Photography Sacramento

Boudoir Photography Sacramento STEP 1 Why do women schedule a glamour or boudoir photo shoot in the bay area?  I asked my clients about the research, mental and emotional process  they went through before picking up the phone. They all had similar experiences: It starts with a phrase, a conversation, a secret shared, an article read, […]

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Until I

  Why Are You Waiting to Book Your Boudoir Shoot? Travel with me and C to one of my favorite Italian restaurants in San Jose—Fratello Ristorante for Happier Hour.  Dim, soothing light, low voices chatting at the tables, kitchen aromas that make your stomach growl no matter when you ate last. We are greeted by […]

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