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Boudoir Outfit Ideas | Nothing

Drawing a Blank for Boudoir Outfit Ideas? Try nothing!     When you think boudoir outfit ideas, what usually comes to mind is corsets, garters, and stockings. What about “nothing”? Dare to bare it all in noir style black and whites, nude in the sheets, or with a super sexy heel. I remember a few […]

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Woodland Boudoir Photography | A Beautiful Train Wreck

Woodland Boudoir Photography, Discovering She’s Really NOT a Train Wreck Ms M booked her Woodland boudoir photography session with us to surprise her hubby on his birthday. She told us she usually keeps it simple, since she’s not a trendy person or up on all the current makeup looks. And she definitely didn’t see herself […]

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folsom boudoir photography draped on bed

Your Loss AH | Folsom Boudoir Photography

Folsom Boudoir Photography After a Breakup   When Ms W contacted us for a Folsom boudoir photography session, she had in mind a special, for-his-eyes-only Christmas gift for her man. Unfortunately, the relationship took a turn the night before her session, but we were able to prove the point that, ultimately, a Folsom boudoir photography […]

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