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Boudoir Outfits | Sexy Slips

Slips are some of the best boudoir outfits I shoot!  They don’t have to be your grandma’s style slip under a dress, think body con with a little squeeze. Under-wires are great in slips, because when choosing boudoir outfits, you want something with a little support, especially if you have more than a B cup […]

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boudoir skin prep

Beautiful Skin for Boudoir Photos | Boudoir Photographer Sacramento Challenge

  With summer winding down, and lots of boudoir photography sessions now done, edited and printed in gorgeous albums, I want to give a moment of silence for all the skin I edited.  Skin that has been abused by the sun, and has been victimized by our busy lifestyles. (closes eyes in moment of silence) […]

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Carmichael Boudoir Photography | Don’t Wait for Someday

Carmichael Boudoir Photography and Not Waiting for “Someday” to Arrive I had seen really great boudoir shots and thought to myself, ‘I really should do that someday’. I’ve researched it, checked Groupon, etc., but had never pulled the trigger. I saw your post via Lana (love her pics by the way) and decided it was […]

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