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Red Hot Boudoir Outfits

Red, so gorgeous, so daring, so perfect for a boudoir photography session. Do you love red? Hate it? How much do you have in your closet?  Ok, confession: I am not a big fan of red…at least for myself. As a redhead, I really can’t pull this look off, and even when I was blonde […]

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Think Beautiful | Sacramento Boudoir Musings

I just watched this video, and I sit here with tears streaming down my face. As a portrait photographer who specializes in capturing women, this epitomizes the experience I hear from my clients and friends. Women reported feeling and look at them, they LOOK defeated for choosing the “Average” door, and triumphant when choosing the […]

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Glamour Photography Outfits | Glittery Gold

  It’s All That Glitters Whether you’re considering a glamour photography session or boudoir, or even both (my fave, hint hint!), glittery fabrics for your glamour photography outfits are definitely a great choice, since sparkling fashion is one of those trends that never goes away. There is something truly beautiful about glitter cocktail dresses which inspires all […]

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Boudoir Photo Outfit Ideas | Nude

Boudoir Photo Outfit Ideas in Nude When it comes to lingerie, corsets are a must-have piece for every lady’s wardrobe, especially one (or maybe a few) of them in amazing nude shades.The are one of favorite boudoir photo outfit ideas!  If you’ve never shopped for one before, it may be a bit confusing for you […]

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