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  • You Deserve

    to feel beautiful

  • You Deserve

    to feel sexy

  • Confident

    in your own skin

  • To See Yourself

    as your lover sees you

  • you deserve to

    celebrate your age

  • you deserve

    the love you give

Ms C

Ms C

OHHWEE this was such an amazing experience!

I have gone through depressions about my weight and I have never truly felt comfortable in my own skin. Jillian is so good, by the end of the session I asked to do an implied nude photo. Yeah...she's that good! As soon as you walk in the door, she makes you feel so beautiful. If I were staying in California, I would definitely come back to do another session. I would recommend her services to any woman who needs that extra boost to know that she is beautiful.

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Ms E

Ms E

I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. Jillian is amazing to work with and makes you feel so comfortable. Plus her pictures are amazing, my husband absolutely loves them. I thought this would just be a present for my husband, but it turned out to also be for me. I had so much fun doing the shoot and it really helped my confidence in myself. Don’t listen to your doubts, you’ll be so happy you did it.

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Ms C

Ms C

Wow, when you think of taking pictures that are so personal you worry about being body conscious or uncomfortable and from the time I walked into the studio until I picked up my album,it was an amazing and empowering experience. Do not let your self confidence, body image or anything stop you from doing this session. You will enjoy it even more than your husband or significant other will love the photos, okay well they may love the photos a little more. Trust me, do it!

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Ms M

Ms M

I'm usually the mom who looks in the mirror to make sure I look presentable and moves on with her day. My confidence was completely shaken after the birth of my two sons. I haven't felt "sexy" for quite a long time...

When the ordering session came around I brought my husband with me. We were both, literally, blown away! I truly couldn't believe I have photographed so well in so many photos. Narrowing it down was incredibly difficult for us both. I'm excited to see the final product! Don't wait for the "perfect time" to do a session.

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we understand
that you think you’ve lost your inner goddess while dealing with the hustle and bustle of life. The one who gets last place behind all the roles you play: careerist, wife, mom, caretaker, friend.

we believe
it’s YOUR turn to enter the Glam Cave. It’s your turn to be pampered by our pro stylists. It’s your turn to see yourself as the beautiful goddess you are. Your turn to get in front of my lens and be transformed by what you see. Your turn to discover she’s not gone. She’s hidden.

we know
where she is and how to find her. We know that once you reconnect with her, you will have more confidence, more love for yourself, a fuller cup to pour onto those around you, a renewed recognition of your beauty, your sensuality, your sexy side.

We KNOW that this experience will change your life. What are you waiting for?

  • healer~empath~infomaniac~rollergirl


    I am a shoe collector, avid reader, and filled with mostly useless trivia and facts. Some friends call me Jillipedia, but I can't win Trivial Pursuit to save my life.

    Love wine, vodka (not together!), creme brulee, white chocolate, and most things considered sinful by nutritionists.

    I am obsessed with collecting crystals and candles. Yes, I'm one of those woo-woo types. I'm an Aquarius, I can't help it.

    Love to laugh. Love to dance, especially on skates! I can't wait til my next lessons with the LA Rollergirls.

    Married to my high school enemy (no lie)! and mom to two amazing teenage girls (hence the wine!).

    Am glamour and girl all the way, but AM NOT high maintenance or pretentious. I get my hands dirty, break my nails and don't cry about it.

    Love the outdoors--basking on the beach, lounging on the hotel balcony, poolside or on a boat with a drink in my hand.

    I am living proof you can be a mom and a grocery getter and STILL find your mojo again. I did, though Boudoir photography. Let me show you that you can, too.

    (Image credit: Sue Bryce)

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Sacramento Boudoir Photographer

Sacramento boudoir photographer Jillian Todd offers luxury boudoir photosglamour photography, intimate bodyscapes and sensual portraits in a luxurious photography studio dedicated exclusively to women, affectionately called the “Glam Cave“.

Boudoir photography isn’t just a wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift for your beloved; boudoir photos are a gift you give YOURSELF. A boudoir photo shoot will reignite your love for yourself and is nothing short of life-changing.

Women just like you have questioned whether a boudoir photo shoot is right for them: moms, wives, girlfriends, cancer warriors, all body types, and all walks of life. They find out that YES, boudoir photos were just what they needed to see themselves as beautiful, sensual, even sexy.

Jillian has been a boudoir photographer for over nine years, a skin care expert for more than twenty-five, and merged those passions to serve you in the most luxurious boudoir photography studio in the Sacramento Valley. Hundreds of women since 2009 have trusted her to show them how beautiful they really are though her lens. Isn’t it time for you to see yourself as the goddess you are?

Located the Sacramento area, our boudoir photography studio is convenient to Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Granite Bay, Lake Tahoe and beyond.

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