2017 Recap | The Crazy

Oh, 2017, how you vexed me. I have been waiting for today to come for the last six months, and in between, thinking today was going to be the biggest challenge I felt all year, boy, did you show ME! Let’s back up, shall we? In September 2016, I had terrible pain in my left […]

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Boudoir Outfit Ideas | Nothing

Drawing a Blank for Boudoir Outfit Ideas? Try nothing!     When you think boudoir outfit ideas, what usually comes to mind is corsets, garters, and stockings. What about “nothing”? Dare to bare it all in noir style black and whites, nude in the sheets, or with a super sexy heel. I remember a few […]

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Discovering Hidden Beauty

Citrus Heights Boudoir Photography Ms K’s Experience Letting Out the Hidden Beauty   Ms K’s Citrus Heights Boudoir Photography Experience, in her own words. What was your biggest fear before hiring us for Citrus Heights Boudoir Photography? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead? I would say my biggest fear was really […]

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