Choose your Boudoir Outfits based on Body Type

As a boudoir and glamour photographer, I have the question I get most often is, “What should I wear?”  It is the single most nerve-wracking part of the process. Women are always worried about wrong thing. Short of hiring a professional dresser, we have to be able to objectively evaluate our bodies and dress for the way we are shaped.

The key to looking good and feeling confident with your body and with what you’re wearing is actually just wearing the garments best for your body shape. This is especially essential in boudoir photography wherein the pieces your wear are more revealing.

First step: identify your body shape.

The Pear

Also known as the ‘triangle’, a pear-shaped body is one which has a wider bottom compared to the other half of the body.  You are a pear shape if your hips or thighs are wider than your chest, compared to the hourglass, whose bust and hips are more proportionate.  Pear body types usually have bums that are rounded, and well defined waists and flat stomachs.

Fashion Body Types


The Apple

Apple shapes have rounder shoulder lines with a full tummy area, and carry your weight above your narrow hip area. Apples also have average to big busts with little definition between the bust and the waist.  Apples also have naturally great-shaped legs with smaller or narrower hips.

Fashion Body Types


The Inverted Triangle

The Inverted Triangle is the opposite of pear-shaped bodies and the slimmer version of the apple-shaped bodies. You’re an Inverted Triangle if you have broader and wider shoulders compared to your hips – but not as round as that of apple-shapes. With this body shape, there’s only a slight difference in the wideness of the waist and hips.This body shape looks more athletic since your shoulders are wider and the torso and waist looks tighter. You usually an Inverted Triangle body type if you’ve been told you have a “swimmers body”.

Fashion Body Types

Fashion Body Types



The Hourglass

This body type have curves in “all the right places”. Hourglass shapes have their hips and bust almost equally wide and they have a narrower waist forming that most identifiable figure type.There are two kinds of hourglass-shaped bodies. The one we see with a neat bottom and waist or the ones that look slimmer, thinner, and skinnier but still got that full and curvy bust and hips, that’s the NEAT HOURGLASS.  However, if that hourglass shape is fuller, with bigger thighs and bust, and with rounded bottom and hips, that’s the FULL HOURGLASS. Sometimes, these people have a problem with fitting straight skirts because they tend to rise up at the back.

Fashion Body Types


The Rectangle

Sometimes known as the banana or ruler, the rectangle shape is characterized as slim and petite, or “willowy”.   You are a Rectangle shape if you have little difference in hip and waist measurement.  Just like a ruler, there’s barely any curves in this body type. The shoulders and hips almost align and the torso is straight.

Fashion Body Types

Fashion Body Types

Ok, so have you figured out what your body shape is? Perfect! Keep your eyes here for my upcoming blogs. I’ll be giving out tips on what would be the best clothing to wear – from tops to shoes and even accessories. Plus, as my personal favorite in boudoir fashion, I’ll also give out tips for the best lingerie for your body!



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