Last month I had the most amazing experience as a photographer. With my fingers crossed, I emailed another photographer halfway around the world and asked if she would take time to shoot me while she was traveling here in the US.  I thought, at best, I’d get a nice email back thanking me for my interest…or that it wouldn’t work out time-wise…or that I wouldn’t be able to do it because of some other random reason.  None of that happened.

Instead, I was able to spend the entire day with Sue Bryce, a phenom of a woman–smart, funny, insightful, eloquent, beautiful.  Just beautiful inside and out.  She re-affirmed my faith in collaboration, in the understanding that there is enough for everyone. That enthusiasm is so much more successful than force or ego or competition. She not only shot a beautiful session for me, but really got to know what I am about and how I want my photography to serve women and heal what is injured in us females.

So if you have visited here before, and noticed all the changes, she is the reason why.  She brought me back to basics: what I love to shoot (the inner light in a woman and the people who love her), with the equipment I love best (natural light, simple simple simple sets), and using all the training I have (makeup, hair, healing energy, etc.).

I don’t think I will ever find enough words to say THANK YOU to her. I am in gratitude every day I email with her, every time I see the photos she created of  lil’ ol’ me, every day I shoot, every day I sit in front of this computer and edit what I have created with her encouragement lighting the fire in me.  I believe angels walk this Earth and I believe Sue is one of them.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.  xoxo