A Sexy Wedding Gift for Her Groom

Ms A wanted to surprise her groom with an out-of-this-world sexy wedding gift; she chose to shoot her bridal boudoir in my studio and I was honored to capture her sexy side.

I wanted to have a sexy wedding gift that wowed my husband on our wedding day and to also have for myself 🙂 We all see our own imperfections and areas on our bodies that we wish we could improve. I was concerned I would invest in these photos and see all the imperfections and not be satisfied. Jillian did a wonderful job using flattering and creative positions to make you feel and look comfortable. I was completely at ease in the shoot and the end results, a sexy wedding gift for my groom, were well worth it.

It was so much fun to have a day where it is all about you. It is a day you can shine your inner flirty personality through the camera. It is a rare chance to catch a glimpse of the side that only your lover sees. To capture that moment and have forever in the photos is well worth the investment. It was also def great motivation to workout 🙂

I had my bridesmaids deliver the photo book to my husband right before our ceremony. He was shocked and expressed that it was the best gift he ever received. My girlfriends and even my mom and grandma loved how classy the photos were. Even my wedding photographer was impressed by the quality and complimented what an outstanding photographer I had!!

It was surprising comfortable and once you do it you feel as though you could do it again and again for many other occasions!