Interesting thing I’ve noticed in conversations with clients and friends lately regarding faces: they’ve told me they didn’t like something about their eyes, their noses or their lips and that they don’t like one side or the other, but can’t really put a finger on why.  It’s the “this-is-my-best-side” theory.

It’s what I call: “sisters, not twins”.  Nature isn’t perfect, so when our bodies are formed, they don’t come out *exactly* the same on each side.  Our eye shape isn’t the same, so our eyebrows aren’t, one foot is usually a little bigger than the other, one boob, too.  My legs are almost a full inch different than each other.  VERY few are as close to equal on both sides; I think you’ll agree the ones that are seem to come from another planet!  (I’ll show you some examples in another post. Total geekery, but I can’t help myself.)

Here’s a way to see it at its most obvious, on a face.  When you take a picture of a face and split it down the middle, flip half of it and match it to the other side, this is what you get:

scarlett_johansson 5bab5a9f22284143730326f412d356f7 Angelina Jolie lea_michele

Weird, and kinda cool, right???  Does it make any of these people less beautiful because their faces aren’t perfect on each side? No.  So why do you think it makes YOU less beautiful?  The trouble with comparing ourselves to, or going for perfection is that we end up loathing something about ourselves, so we spend billions each year on plastic surgery to fix what no one else sees. As much as we talk about loving our bodies, accepting our bumps and scars,  accepting that we are sexy (body) please~~pretty please~~love your FACE.  xo

*images from Google search and Pinterest, could not identify original sources. Please advise if they’re yours.