Boudoir Photography Sacramento


Why do women schedule a glamour or boudoir photo shoot in the bay area?  I asked my clients about the research, mental and emotional process  they went through before picking up the phone.

They all had similar experiences: It starts with a phrase, a conversation, a secret shared, an article read, or a website link forwarded from a friend. Maybe she has heard of glamour photography in sacramento, thinks it is the old 80s style: heavy blur, trying-to-look sexy-but-totally-uncomfortable expressions.

Or she associates boudoir photography as trashy, a quick trend that will never last the test of time.

If she is a bride to be, the decision to work with a boudoir photographer is relatively simple: she gets enthusiastic almost immediately, imagining what her groom’s expression will be when she gives him this hot gift.  From there, it only comes down to what style she prefers, which brings her to the decision of who she will work with.

If she is over forty, she may think she is “too old” to have sensual, intimate photos of herself.  She longs to embrace herself as she is now, wants to stop fighting against age, metabolism, limiting beliefs about her worth and the souvenirs childbirth left behind.  Does she have the confidence? Will a session give her confidence? She is intrigued, wants to do it, but is scared to take the leap.

She views websites, reads reviews and testimonials, compares styles.  She tells me later she found the contemporary, fashion inspired glamourous photos on my site and knows they will stand the test of time. She is confident that thirty years from now, she would not be embarrassed if her grand children find the photos.  She sees the boudoir photography is classy, understated, timeless.  Her excitement grows.  Still, she hesitates.

She bookmarks the page, goes back to the Before and After gallery, views the Portrait Couture gallery, reads the blog, checks out Yelp. She thinks about how she wants to see herself.   She tears photos out of magazines.  She talks to friends, have they heard about this new wave of glamour photography? Have they seen the new portfolios?  Have they had these photos taken of themselves?

Would they get boudoir photographs?  The response they get most often: “You go first!”  She dares, “OK, then YOU go!”