Do you ever read Vanity Fair magazine? One of my favorite things to do, besides tearing it apart, collecting poses, is reading that last page. You know, the one where they ask a celebrity random questions? Half the time I don’t understand some of the cryptic answers (I assume it’s some code to people they know). But, I am inspired to answer some of them.

Play along in the comments section! I’d love to know YOUR answers.

Childhood ambition: to be a horse vet

Fondest memory: Wedding day and birth of my girls

Soundtrack: Oingo Boingo, Billy Joel, Mozart…Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Credence Clearwater Revival, Fleetwood Mac. Never pigeon hole me regarding music!

Retreat: Local? Hot bath, just about anywere. Travel? Vestmannaeyjar Iceland

Wildest dream: To be on Dancing with the Stars

Proudest moment: Starting my glamour photography business

Biggest challenge: Eating right

Alarm clock: Who? We haven’t played lately

Perfect day: Good friends, good food, good weather and fabulous wine

First job: Great America Eye Spy Photo

Indulgence: Shoes and buttercream frosting—NOT at the same time…well, maybe eating frosting while wearing rockin’ shoes.

Last purchase: Makeup and a camera

Favorite Movie: Princess Bride

Celebrity crush: Used to be Michael Keaton, now it’s Chris Noth

Inspiration: My girls

Fave personal photo: Joey, Jo Jo, Todd and Me, 1991 (can’t decide between all the photos of my girls!)

My passion: Showing women how f’ing beautiful they are inside and out.

My life: Is better than I could have imagined.