Bay Area Glamour Photographer

When women come into my photography studio here in Sacramento, I have very specific “rules”-no bashing themselves, no comparing themselves to anyone else, no pointing out what they “hate” about themselves…and they HAVE to enjoy their makeover and photoshoot. Ok, well, that is my responsibility!

To that end, I absolutely HATE those awful magazines that pull you in at the grocery store with their blaring headlines and garish colors. The photos splashed across the covers.  Ugh.  Besides the crazy visual stimulation, this is worse:

 Jillian Todd Portrait Couture glamour photography

Star Magazine

“Winners and Losers”?!  So what does that make us when we gain weight? I don’t know about you, but man I struggle. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole damn life.  This stuff doesn’t help at all!

Maybe it’s subconscious, but when you finally see it, you can’t unsee it.  How do little girls feel when they see these covers?  My nine year old is already noticing them.

How about teenagers, who look up to their musical and beauty idols?  And don’t forget the yoyos those stars go through, like every normal person.  Take a look at the covers: YAY, she lost weight, she’s so amazing! BOO, look how screwed up she is for gaining! How could anyone every hire her to work?? Don’t get me started on how men are exempt from this.

This crap is part of what makes what I do more of a challenge.  I love a challenge. Sometimes I think I’m a David vs. Goliath against Madison Avenue and Hollywood. Accuse me of grandiosity, I’ll take it.

If I can touch two hundred women each year and show them how gorgeous they are because of the light that shines from inside of them, I can send a ripple from my studio to every woman they meet, to their daughters and granddaughters, coworkers and friends. Maybe I can lower those publishers’ revenue while I’m at it!

Will you join me?