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Some of the answers I got on my Glamour and Boudoir Photography Page on Facebook:

“Guess what ladies…sex has *always* sold. People have been photoshopping pictures since before there were pictures. And all of those near-naked pics of women in ads…the ads aren’t geared toward men, they’re geared toward *YOU*, and you eat it up like Thanksgiving dinner.” Male, 40

“Seeing as I was alive for the latter part of Marilyn’s life, I can say that women of that time were meant to be used to placate men. She certainly was! Today the pendulum has swung to the other extreme, although many men STILL think women were placed on this earth for their benefit.” Female, 60s

“Societal norms, values expextations [sic] have all changed. Women from day one, have been taught that we are to be desired. This isn’t wrong, perse [sic], however we must MUST teach our girls to be kind and show them that beauty is as beauty does. Anyone can have sex but not every woman has learned to transcend her physical self to see the beautiful spiritual eternal goddess that she REALLY is. These women above as well as women I know and even myself, have all cried out in some way – pain and insecurity are very easy to mask but very difficult to heal.” Female, mid-30s

Hmm, all good points, especially the last one, but not quite what I was going for.  Look at Marilyn, femininity defined, soft, receptive, glamorous. Yes, there to be viewed, but the argument can be made that men are wired to look, and women are wired to desire to be looked at. (Don’t believe me? Check out anthropology research.  Whole other discussion, though.)

Besides, my suggestion is more than MARILYN, she is an archetype of beauty, in this discussion, a representation of past beauty. Instead of fixating on what/who SHE was–limitations and strengths–instead, look at the concept, the archetype she represented.

Got you thinking?  Great! Share your insights in the comment section below…more next time!