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Random thoughts…

I ran across this photo a number of years ago, and I have it as my screen wallpaper so I see it every day.  It reminds me to keep my expectations and hopes and dreams bigger than I would’ve without it.

I didn’t know the term Law of Attraction until my late thirties, but had “absorbed” manifestation, energy, focused intention through books, audios, the people I attracted into my life for a looonnnng time. Oh, how can I forget to mention my dad! He is the ultimate “believe it and you’ll see it” doctor, though he would never ever admit it. Remind me to tell you about the boat, his most recent acquisition.

I had vision boards from the time I was eleven, just randomly.  I’d never seen anything like them until many years later.

Why am I telling you this?  If anything, I want every woman I come in contact with to see herself as more beautiful, better, more worthy and deserving than she might on her own. Yes, I still struggle with the same issues (am I pretty enough, thin enough, sexy enough, smart enough), but I truly believe my purpose is to create a different reality for ALL of us women.

See yourself though my eyes and realize how much more beauty and potential you have than you think.  Believe the Universe is conspiring to give you what you want, not take away what you need.  You’ll see so many more opportunities to shine. xo