Things you should know if we are going to be BFFs:

I’m an INFP on the Myers Briggs Personality Type test. I am part of a relatively small group of people: estimates of about 4.5% of the population are INFPs.  The INFP is called the Healer. Holy crap, I didn’t know that before I wrote the post about being a Healer. Hmmm, verrrry interesting…INFPs feel like they are alone in the world and aliens to their families. Yup, I’m pretty different from mine!


I love this test, because it is the most accurate I’ve ever seen. most of my friends have taken it, and say the same. So what do the letters mean?

I is for Introvert, the opposite is Extrovert.  This isn’t about whether you’re shy or quiet, necessarily. It’s a representation of where you get your ENERGY from… I’m an Introvert, which is not the same as shy. I’m pretty outgoing, and strike up quick friendships wherever I go. I call ’em “friends I’ve never met before”.  But, it’s one-at-a-time.  I will hang back in group situations, I will stay by the walls at a party.  I get my energy from quiet time, alone time, daydreaming and solitude. For an extrovert, that sounds like sheer boredom. An extrovert gets her energy from being around people, even LOTS of people.  To an Introvert, that sounds like torture!  Going to a party with a bunch of people I don’t really know will knock me out for days afterwards.  I’m exhausted by parties.  But I’ll happily stay up until 4AM chatting with one person at a time.


Not necessarily meaning Karnak the mind reader, but how information is regarded.  As an aside, I am VERY intuitive. I trust my gut more than anything else, and have been known to be very “psychic”. My birthday is February 8th, and according to the Book of Birthdays, I was born on the day of precognition. Weird, spooky, esoteric and funky? Yup, all me.  Upside: I can be a good wing-man for big decisions.  Downside: I’ve had “friends” tell me I’m going to burn in hell because I have this uncanny ability to “read” a situation or a person.

The third letter indicates how one likes to make decisions. I’m an “F”, so I take the people and personal concerns into more consideration than just the objective principles and impersonal facts, which is what a Thinker does. I am a typical F in that I look for what is important to others and express concern for them, think with my heart and am very compassionate.  I tend to be “too” tactful, and miss the “hard truth” of some situations.  I don’t like conflict, and if there is one, I’d rather write about it than talk about it because my brain goes faster than my mouth and I get all tongue tied.


The fourth letter is an indication or how one lives their “outer” life. I’m a P, for Perceiving.  When taking action, I am spontaneous, like to leave things open ended, and I don’t like to plan.  I am motivated by a deadline (cram that essay paper that’s due tomorrow, anyone?) and work in spurts of energy. BIG TIME PROCRASTINATORS!


I love Pinterest, because you can search for ANYTHING and find it to collect. I love these memes about INFPs, because they are so accurately ME. Some other little tidbits about INFPs: we’re idealistic, empathetic, devoted, introspective, gentle, selective in relationships, reserved and very very loyal.  We also “live outside the box”, not just think outside it! Some famous INFPs are Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, Princess Diana and Jim Morrison.

What type are YOU?  Have you taken the test? Do you see yourself in the results? Have you had your Beloved take the test?  Check your compatibility results, THAT is an interesting exercise to do on a date night haha!