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A few days ago, a very funny post went viral of a mom’s true desires for Mother’s Day. It included “going to the bathroom alone” and “having the day to myself”. Oh, man, I used to be able to relate. I remember the fingers under the door while I was in the bathroom, the MOMOMOMOMOMOMOM while I was trying to make dinner. Ok, that one still happens, but not as frequently. I just.couldn’t.laugh.  I was in the midst of pre-teen drama and tears, school difficulties and general family mayhem. And not the hot Mayhem from Allstate.

This was easier?

This was easier?

The past year has brought challenges I had hoped my girls never had to face. For my oldest, middle school brought along with it the age-old questions of “Am I pretty enough?” and “Can I wear makeup?” as well as a first crush that went sour last week, complete with tween drama and friendships that seem to be damaged beyond repair. Lots of tears and “you don’t understand” sprinkled in with “you really get me, Mom, thanks” at whiplash speed.

In the other corner, my little has struggled after a bad fit last year with a teacher who just wasn’t her “match”. Hard for one who is a heart on two legs and feels absolutely everything, and what she felt was complete and total rejection. It affected her grades, and continues to; which, compared to her bright and seems-to-come-so-easy-to sister, she feels stupid and insecure in her own way.  Add to that completely different body shapes and I have a sibling rivalry of Armageddon proportions on my hands in the next few years. Is there enough Calgon in the world to take me away!?


So if you’ll indulge my little fantasy here as a Sci-Fi geek: for Mother’s Day, I really want a Blue Box.  One with a Doctor in it (I’ll take 9 or 10 if I get to be precious about it!), and I’d like to be taken about 20 years in the future to just peek in on them.

Police Box Tardis

I’d like to see that they made it through without too many battle scars; that I helped them build good armor that doesn’t protect TOO well, and that they’ve given their hearts to good, loving, honorable partners…

Did they discover the reason they were born, their purpose? And in so doing, did they follow that path?  Or did they push it aside to fit in?  Are they good people, do they love deeply and whole-heartedly? Are they happy?   Do they have good friends who treat them well? Do they know how to love without being doormats?   Are they adventurous? Do they travel? What have they seen and where have they gone? Bottom line: did I do an okay job?!

Yes, if I could have ANYTHING at all for Mother’s Day, that’s what I’d like to have.  I’d want to know that I did a good job. That I raised girls with confidence to go out in the world and do whatever they set their mind to, that know the value of themselves and others, who know how to honor and care for themselves first and not feel guilty about it. To accept their strengths and their weaknesses, and to choose to be surrounded by people who honor both. That’s what I’d most like to have.

Since I know I can’t have that blue box, I’ll take one of these (at least we know they exist, right?) and keep doing my best to make all of the above come true. Wish me luck. xo

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