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Female Body Image and Presentation in Society|Sacramento Glamour Photographer

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Okay, I have got to get this off my chest (as it were!). I pulled this image off another friend’s Facebook profile that I thought was REALLY interesting. As a boudoir photographer here in the Bay Area, and a fan and lifetime follower of all things glamour, I couldn’t resist asking the question about how things have changed over the last fifty years for women, their portrayal, and how we, as a group, have been presenting ourselves to the world…

I am so interested in the evolution, rise and demise of glamour photography, well, glamour in general, the rise and fall of boudoir photographers, and the change in the perception of beauty and glamour in our society.  Questions specifically about glamour, makeup, physical presentation, plastic surgery, sexual aggression and the concept of beauty in our world are a puzzle I love to turn over and over in my mind. Trust me, it goes deeper, to me, than stupid superficiality. Bear with me….

Besides the WTF, which I ask you to ignore if it bothers you too much (wow, have you MET me?  I drop that all the time…maybe I need a swear jar…sigh….), what do these two images mean to YOU? What kind of difference does this imply? Share your opinion in the comment section, and I’ll see you tomorrow for more on this subject…

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  • Sarah August 10, 2013  

    I think young women (and some not-so-young) are looking to the wrong influences for ‘beauty’. Class and poise are just not being modeled for us anymore and while it seems easy to blame it on the tabloid-type ‘reality’ entertainment, the picture is actually much bigger.
    The audience and demand for trash entertainment would not support it if there were not enough people who resonate with it to buy it, read it, and watch it in large enough numbers. Ratings and sales drive content. Art imitates life.
    The bigger picture is what we do and don’t value as a society any more. We don’t value true femininity, we don’t value class and manners, and we especially don’t value the wisdom of those who came before us.
    So what does that leave us? A society with no true respect for women. Entertainment is sexually charged and cheaply displayed. Women’s bodies are objects to be surgically manipulated, harshly criticized, and revealed for attention.

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