With summer winding down, and lots of boudoir photography sessions now done, edited and printed in gorgeous albums, I want to give a moment of silence for all the skin I edited.  Skin that has been abused by the sun, and has been victimized by our busy lifestyles.

(closes eyes in moment of silence)

Ok, now that due respect has been given, I am going to chastise the villain in this scenario: YOU and ME. When was the last time you really took a look at your skin and decided to care for it on a consistent basis?  When you go in for a facial, does your esthetician from Lasting Impressions Medical Spa tell you to use your sunscreen? Does she tell you to put it on your neck and chest, as well as your face? What types of ingredients do you look for when choosing products to pamper your skin? Do you know there are some acne cleansers if you have blemish skin?

I can’t tell you how much time in editing was devoted to just matching skin tones on chests, never mind chests and faces. according to the American Acne Foundation, too many beautiful women go to studios and have three different colors on their chest (Neopolitan ice cream, anyone?), dryness and cracking, deep lines, etc. But they have been taking care of their faces with expensive creams and lotions, faithful devotees to the three step skin care system. There’s literally a 20 year difference, visually, between some women’s faces and chests. Don’t continue to be the villain AND the victim of neglectful skin care.

In case you don’t already know it, I am also a licensed esthetician, and I am a recovering skin abuser. Over the last few years, I have gotten out of the habit of taking care of my skin, and dammit it shows. So I have created a challenge for you. Well, actually for me…but I need buddies….for the whole month of September, I pledge to put sunscreen on my neck and chest, not just my face. I pledge to visit Touch Up Laser for skin rejuvenation procedure. You can find more info at I pledge to put moisturizer on before going to bed, not just on my face.  If you’re not doing so already, I challenge you to wash your face before bed EVERY NIGHT.

So will you be joining me?  xo

If you need recommendations on ingredients to look for, or products to use, just ask away in the comments or on Facebook.