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If you followed my last few blog posts about the swinging pendulum of the standards of beauty, you’ll remember I showed Marilyn, Christina and Sofia as examples of classic, glamorous beauty.

One of my commentors brought up the point that we should all just be more accepting and that these body types were, growing up, the exact opposite of what her body type is. It was quite a revelation to me, since I had no idea I have that blind spot.

See, I grew up in the time that “perfect” was long, lean, slim, flat, graceful in a musical way—Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hammil, the Charlie’s Angels (even though a few had fuller chests).

Peggy Fleming

I was compared to my family members that matched that description, over and over and over again.  It got quite nauseating.  I was the shortest at 5’7  (!!!) and curvy at a very young age. Instead of just accepting that I was a different body type, I was told I was fat fat fat.  Example: my grandmother was a nurse for years, so she had a bias against anyone who had a few pounds on them, since she couldn’t see the difference between a little pre-adolescent pudge and morbid obesity.  She constantly pointed out people who were a little over weight or curvy and said how disgusted she was by them. Fun.

Can you imagine being the voluptuous one in this group?  Broad shoulders, a boobalanche by fourth grade, pulled in waist that accented hips and soft-er thighs.  A kid living in a woman’s body. I was at a loss for a role model of my shape, adrift in people with long, lean muscles, tiny hips and more boyish shape overall.

Thank the goddess I was introduced to Marilyn Monroe at the height of my insecurity.  While it didn’t help 100%, at least I had a familiar shape to identify with.

So when Pat, in the comments section, mentioned the similarity of our upbringing (on opposite sides of the spectrum—how ironic) I was shocked, surprised, and quite grateful for the call out.  I am grateful for the opportunity to look deeper and finding my differences as well as similarities with other women.  xo