Marysville Bridal Boudoir Photography | I Can’t Believe You Did This!

How did you give your Marysville bridal boudoir photography images to your groom? 

When my new husband and I went to the hotel room after the wedding. It was a time for ourselves. Iwanted to be there and see his reaction to the gift.

How did your groom react to your Marysville bridal boudoir photography gift? What did he say?

It was so fun to see his reactions. It was a total shock to him! Every page he turned he had the look like he got caught doing something bad! hahaha!!! Kept on shutting the book then opening it then shutting it again!

The first things he asked me were, “Who took these and when did you do this!!” Hahaha he was worried it was taken by a male photographer! It was hilarious! I was recording the reaction but he got super serious and told me to stop recording haha!!

He never imagined I would do something like this!

He kept saying I can’t believe you did this! After the wedding in Texas we were going straight to our honeymoon. I told him he should send the book with the rest of our unnecessary baggage back to California. But nope, he put it in his carry on
afraid that someone might look at it like TSA, luggage checkers, or our bridesmaids who are taking it~!

Best present to him ever!

Yes my bridesmaids saw them and they were just as shocked that I would do something like this. They thought they were beautiful and a couple of them are thinking of doing it.

What was your biggest fear before hiring me for your Marsyville bridal boudoir photography? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

I never did anything sexy before so I was afraid that my lack of and discomfort would definitely show in the pictures. I didn’t know what I was doing.

But Jillian was so patient and fun!~ I would mess up with different poses but she would always fix me. If my face showed like I was stressing she reminded me to relax.

She made sure I looked beautiful and captured femininity I never saw in me before.


What was your favorite part of your Marysville bridal boudoir photography experience?

My favorite part was, of course, was the big reveal. The experience made me feel beautiful because my husband was in awe of me. And It was also when he felt special to receive something that was just for him.

Through the reveal, he knew how much I love him.

What advice would you give to someone considering booking their Marysville bridal boudoir photography session with us?

Bring the outfits that you are iffy about, Jillian chooses the best ones that photograph best on you.


What types of negative things did you tell yourself before your Marysville bridal boudoir photography session?

I thought I wasn’t fit enough to photograph well, That my muffin top will fold over and show rolls all over my body.

What did your experience do to silence those doubts?

When Jillian showed me the photos while she was shooting, I was shocked. The poses she had me in were very flattering to my body and the “fat rolls” I was so worried about weren’t there. But it wasn’t because she edited them. She didn’t. The poses she had me in helped flatten my stomach and elongated my body. and I am 5’2”.

What did you take away from your Marysville bridal boudoir photography experience that surprised you the most?

I felt very beautiful. I did something I never thought I could do. So I surprised myself, my husband, and my friends closest to me.