Transformations | Sacramento Makeover

Are you, like most people I know, am transfixed by before and afters?  Some of my favorite TV shows revolve around the concept: Candice Olsen’s Divine Design and Candice Tells All…What Not to Wear…Biggest Loser…Extreme Home Makeover…almost every other HGTV show, the list goes on and on. And I’m not too ashamed to admit it: I usually skip to the end.


Fave Bedroom From Candice Tells All

The most powerful transformation, obviously, is the one that happens inside. So many people, at the end of these shows, talk about how the experience changed their perception of themselves, their lives, how even the space they live in impact their quality and enjoyment of their lives…I shared a little yesterday about throwing a bunch of crappy beliefs and “stories” out of my life. Today, I’d like to hear about how YOU have transformed yours: inside? Outside?  Attitude?  Clothes? Makeup?  Surgery? What makes you feel transformed? Have you overcome what seemed like insurmountable obstacles?  Please share with us (it can be anonymous, of course).  So much can be learned from each other…xo