Ms J contacted our boudoir Sacramento studio to surprise her husband for Christmas, and a way to celebrate her significant weight loss. She described herself as sassy and tough, and as an ICU nurse, you’ve got to have those traits, I think! She wanted to show her softer, more vulnerable side.

What she had to say about her experience:

I was very nervous about having pictures taken. I have never done this before and I was afraid they would not turn out. The pictures were beautiful and still looked like me! ┬áMy favorite part was seeing my husbands face when he got them. He cried and can’t stop looking at them. My husband is a very happy man. Best gift ever.

If you’re thinking about having a boudoir Sacramento photo session, do it. It is an awesome experience.

Before my boudoir Sacramento photo shoot, I told myself negative things like, “My skin is too saggy and I’m still too fat.” Now, sometimes I still can’t believe this is me! I’m much more confident in my own skin.


We were able to surprise her husband for Christmas with an easily ship-able gift, and she presented him with her album and phone app when they were both off work. (An ER nurse and an ICU nurse, I had no idea there was such a rivalry! It’s almost as bad as Army vs Navy!) He was definitely surprised and very happy!



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