If you gave your Sacramento boudoir studio experience a title, what would it be? FABULOUS AND 50+ WOW!!!


Ms N wanted a Sacramento boudoir studio giftie for her and her Beloved, and had some great ideas for outfits and looks she wanted. She wanted to show the sexier side of herself she’s feeling now. I think we nailed it!

“I was concerned that my Sacramento boudoir studio pictures would come out too “canned” or contrived. Ordinary. These came out so professional and beautiful. Attention to detail and expressed who I am as a woman.  I loved the attention to who I am… the whole experience was so positive and made me feel beautiful and free to express myself.”

To anyone considering a Sacramento boudoir studio experience with Jillian: “Let your self go… enjoy your femininity and be adventurous!!!”

What responses did you get from your Beloved/friends/family about your Sacramento boudoir studio images?
Complete awe!!! Capturing my personality and inner as well as exterior beauty in such an elegant way.

What types of negative things (if any) did you tell yourself before your appointment?

Worried a little about being 52, was I too “old” to do this but the answer is No way!!! It’s one of the best things I have done for myself. Ever!

What did your Sacramento boudoir studio experience do to silence those doubts?

Remember that no one is perfect and that I am beautiful to myself.,.. I am very lucky and blessed.

What did you take away from your experience that surprised you the most?

How much this boosted my confidence and made me not take myself for granted.


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