When Ms K contacted me to schedule a glamour portrait session to create a gift for her deployed husband, we talked a lot about what we could incorporate into it to reflect his interests, too. This was a first, read on!


JTPW Sacramento Glamour Portraits

Ms K chose this gorgeous dress she wore for the military ball they attended last year. She’s stunning in that color, don’tcha think? It’s a perfect dress for a glamour portrait session, since the color doesn’t compete too much with her, and the sparkle is really subtle. So pretty!

“I was just anxious overall about what the glamour portrait session would be like. I was also self conscious. Jillian was great. She put me at ease. It was a lot of fun!” I don’t see anxious here, I see GORGEOUS!

Sacramento Glamour Portraits at Jillian Todd



Sacramento Glamour Portraits intimate


Sacramento Glamour Portraits show a little leg


Sacramento Glamour Portraits on Bed


Sacramento Glamour Portraits with Boudoir


“It {my glamour portraits session} made me feel beautiful and more confident. I also get to keep those memories forever and share them with my husband.”

Sacramento Glamour Portraits drama lighting


Sacramento Glamour Portraits black and white


Sacramento Glamour Portraits

I would tell anyone thinking about scheduling a glamour portrait session to “Just do it! Take the plunge. You won’t regret it! And bring lots of clothes and accessories. Jillian is great in helping to decide what to choose.”


Sacramento Glamour portraits with a car


Ms K’s husband brought over his pride and joy and we got to take some fun shots with the car. This was the first glamour portrait session we’ve done with a car, and it was so much fun! “My husband loves them!”


Sacramento Glamour Portraits with a car

What unique thing would you bring to YOUR glamour portrait session?