Sacramento Boudoir Pictures  to Accept Herself

She chose Sacramento boudoir pictures because: “I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel truly beautiful in my own skin again without losing the weight.”

Ms T contacted me, wanting to surprise her hubby for their anniversary, as well as see herself as beautiful. She had been feeling bad about gaining weight over the last few years, and wasn’t sure she’d be able to feel good about her Sacramento boudoir pictures.

I feared that I wouldn’t find anything to wear for my boudoir pictures, but I found the perfect outfits, inside and out of the studio! But my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t like any of my boudoir pictures, due to my recent weight gain: I actually LOVED every one!

My favorite part was getting hair and makeup ready for my boudoir pictures in Sacramento, because it was fun to change hairstyles by a pro; and the reveal/ordering session because I couldn’t wait to see the finished product!

I’d tell anyone considering getting boudoir pictures: Honestly, JUST DO IT! Don’t worry about losing X amount of pounds, or until such and such month, or until you’ve found the perfect outfits…just book your session and the rest will be perfect! I have gained about 45 lbs in the last 2/3 years, which also brought on two (not so) lovely stretch marks on my stomach, a double chin, and quite a pooch on my belly – and the babies! I have felt terrible about myself for sometime now and wasn’t sure I’d ever feel truly beautiful in my own skin again without losing the weight.

Every single fear, negative thought, and insecurity was erased when I saw my beautiful images. I almost didn’t think it was me. I was AMAZED. And the best part, I felt beautiful!

My husband was in complete shock when I gave him my Sacramento boudoir pictures. He had no idea about the shoot so it was a true surprise. He didn’t stop smiling and making sly comments the rest of the week!

The biggest takeaway for me is that I’m still beautiful 45lbs heavier – and after seeing my husbands reactions I know he feels the same (even though he tells me all the time, this time I actually SEE it).