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sexy bridal boudoir

Ms R the Skydiver’s Bridal Boudoir Photos | Sacramento CA

Ms R came in for her bridal boudoir photos to surprise her groom with the best gift ever! You’ll remember her from a feature earlier, in which she talked about her journey to health and how her boudoir photography session topped off all of her hard work. Ms R brought in the most amazing “prop” for her session: her skydiving rig named Marilyn. I was in awe at her sense of adventure!  She also brought in some special touches for her groom: his favorite team jersey and his golf gear. She loved her images, and so did her groom!

bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-nude-lingerie-white-shoes bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-nude-white-lingerie bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-pink-lingerie bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-pin-up-pose bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-white-lingerie bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-hands-in-hair bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-looking-over-shoulder


bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-black-lingerie-by-window




bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-sport-boudoir-giants (2) bridal-boudoir-sacramento-ms-r-the-skydiver-on-bed-sport-boudoir-giants

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  • Danea February 27, 2015  

    She’s gorgeous and those shoes! Haha. Great shots as always. 🙂

  • Jillian February 27, 2015  

    I had a hard time letting her take ’em home with her! 🙂 thanks!!

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