Sacramento Bridal Boudoir Photos and Finding Out Donuts are Magical

Ms L’s sister gave bridal boudoir photos as a wedding gift to her husband and she thought they just turned amazingly well, so she decided to do a session for her fiance, too.

She originally planned the session as a wedding gift to show him that she understood how important intimacy is to him. Her intention was to show him that she got it, but what also happened is that SHE heard HIM.

Why did you decide to give Sacramento boudoir photos to your fiance?

My soon-to-be husband is a very intimate person and always have been. I am not and this is something I have always struggled with. I decided to do this session as a wedding gift to him to show him that I understand how important intimacy is to him and that I hear him. Initially, this was a gift of self sacrifice for him.

What was your biggest fear about having Sacramento bridal boudoir photos taken? Did that happen?

My biggest fear wasn’t necessarily about you or your talent, just in general that they would turn out looking cheesy because it is so out of my element.

I would have had that fear with anyone I picked, but that 100% did not happen.

My images are stunning and I’m so giddy to give them to my future hubby. It’s been so hard to keep the secret!

Favorite part of having your Sacramento bridal boudoir photos taken?

Getting glammed up. There truly is nothing better than having someone do your hair and makeup for you.

Also, being a very private person, I was hard for me at first to put on lingerie and then walk around in it in front of someone I hardly knew. But, at the same time it was liberating. Like “Hi Jillian – this is who I am. You get to see the whole shebang in broad daylight. Welcome to a very exclusive club of people.”

Jillian knows a part of me that very few people do now and I kind of love that.

Any words of wisdom for others considering having their own Sacramento bridal boudoir photos taken?

STOP. THINKING. AND. DO. IT. Do not wait another moment, book the dang thing and do it.

How have others responded to your Sacramento bridal boudoir photos?

My mother, sister, and maid of honor were all over the moon at how amazing they turned out. I can’t wait to see how my fiancé responds!

What types of negative things (if any) did you tell yourself before having your Sacramento bridal boudoir photos taken?

I definitely thought, “I should work out more before” or “I should lose 5lbs before” – but then life happened and I ate a donut for breakfast the day I came in for my session. Lo and behold, I don’t look like a savage beast in my images. Further proof that donuts are magical.

Did having your Sacramento bridal boudoir photos taken silence those doubts?

It reaffirmed that I am beautiful even if I’m not the same size I was when I met my fiancé 8 years ago. He loves me for me and tells me that all the time. He loves my curves and it just reminded me that I’m the only one who has negative feeling about them.

What did you take away from your experience that surprised you the most?

I want to show the entire world my images.

I won’t, because for some crazy reason some people might find them risqué but keeping that little book hidden is so difficult I just want to show everyone who walks through my front door.

What three words best describe your experience having your Sacramento bridal boudoir photos taken?

Glamorous. Humbling. Rewarding.

What three words describe Jillian Todd Portraits the best?

FAB. U. LOUS. Does that count as three? Just kidding: Fabulous. Intuitive. Warm.