Ms P contacted me and asked if I would shoot some beautiful, classy nude boudoir for her to give to her husband. Does the Pope wear a pointy hat?! Of course I would shoot classy nude boudoir! It’s one of my favorite things!  And, ironically, many women feel more comfortable in a white sheet or nude than in lingerie.

When she arrived, she was nervous and excited, “nerve-sited” as my youngest daughter says.  As her makeup and hair took shape, she relaxed in the beauty chair and started to get more excited than nervous. We had a great time giggling and telling stories; I think we captured her personality and her beauty in a way that will be enjoyed for years to come.

“{I was nervous about}being naked in front of a stranger, but she made me feel really comfortable and so i was able to relax. But, I felt really comfortable with Jillian and she made me feel sexy and good about my body. My husband was so happy all the pictures came out perfect!”









Ms P wanted some flirty looks, too; we shot with the hat. Sexy and sassy!


And of course, we got to the nude boudoir and semi-nudes:











How do you think you’d feel? Comfortable in lingerie or shooting nude boudoir and white sheet sets? Ready to find out? Contact us to get all of your questions answered and to schedule your boudoir photo shoot!