The Right Attitude for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

(10 Tips for a Smoking Hot Session)

 Getting yourself into a boudoir photo shoot may not be easy. Some are comfortable under their own skin, while others don’t feel so comfortable but are tired of letting that hold them back. Doing sexy poses in your sexiest outfit in front of a photographer seems like a crazy idea, and can be awkward at first.  But hey! Ask and remind yourself on why you’re doing this! Is it for professional modeling? Is it a gift for your mate? Or is it simply to give you a boost of confidence? (And trust me, that nervousness goes away VERY quickly!)

Whatever your reason for booking a boudoir photography session  is, to really be hiring a professional to do your shoot means that you’re shelling out money… so don’t waste it! Make the most out of it. You can do a lot of that attitude work before you even get here…

Here are 10 tips to make it one hell of a successful photo shoot.

1. “I Love My Body”. Some ladies lack the confidence in them and in boudoir photography sessions, it sometimes shows. When you step across the doorway to the boudoir studio, you are required to leave your negative self talk outside. This is your space to love yourself, love your body, love everything that makes you YOU. Even better, while you fall asleep each night before your photo shoot, I want you to say, “I love my body” over and over again while you drift off to dream land! Oh, and on that note, get plenty of sleep, too!


2. Arrival time. Leave your house just a bit  early to avoid stress. If you think that traffic will be bad all over the city, then leave your house much earlier. Give yourself a half-an-hour allowance than your usual travel because the photo shoot you’re going to have is not something you do every day. If you’re more than ten minutes early, there are plenty of Starbucks to stop at for a quick treat.  By the way, I love iced caramel macchiatos and won’t turn one down if you bring it! Just kidding!!

3. Loose Clothing is Best.  Tight garments will surely leave a mark on your body – and you don’t want them to be visible on your photos. Also, if you’re comfortable with it, go commando.

4. Observe Proper Diet Weeks Before Your Shoot. When we say diet, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat. We don’t mean to starve you, woman.

A proper diet requires you to eat the right kind of food and drink lots of water. Food rich in fiber and vitamin E will give you that natural sexy glow. Also, water acts as the body’s natural detox so your skin will really look well-hydrated and totally healthy on those photos. Do this a few weeks before your shoot and not just a few DAYS. Think of it as the best in self care!

Drink plenty of water!

Drink plenty of water!

5. More Outfits, Better! Make sure to bring AT LEAST five outfits on your shoot. You can bring more, if you like and if you can manage to. Bring in different styles and colors. Also include accessories and shoes. It’s better (and safer) to bring more outfit options. Some might not go well with the lighting or background. Some might not fit to your current mood during the shoot. Some might be too innocent or too provocative on you. We will pick the best four to shoot.

 6. Never The Chalky Stuff. If you really need to wear a deodorant, (it’s a need we know but some girls can survive hours without it anyway) then please… we beg you: NEVER use that chalky, powdery stuff. Use the gel or liquid one and make sure it’s something that would easily dry.

 7. Turn Up The Music. Bring your iPod loaded with your favorite music on a playlist, otherwise, you’re stuck with mine. I have a pretty eclectic collection, so you’re sure to like *something* I have.  Create the vibe and the beat to add more flow and confidence in your movements.

9. “I Like This… I Like That…” Before you go to a shoot, you can get addicted to Pinterest like I am and research nice poses. Create a secret board and invite me to it. Pin your favorites. While I don’t copy poses, I look at your choices to understand the *feeling* you are going for in your photos.

10. Bring A Friend and Have Your Photo Sessions At the Same Time. If you think the photoshoot might be a bit uncomfortable for you, try to bring a friend with you. Sometimes, having a friend with you can help ease your nerves. Plus, a friend can help boost that confidence – especially if that friend always believed you have what it takes to do this. Yep, like a cheerleader at the sidelines. (CAUTION: sometimes this can backfire, so be sure you have chosen a friend who is your biggest supporter and you have no issues with.)

They don’t really need to be there on the exact same room which you’ll have your photo shoot. They can stay in nearby rooms – make-up area or dressing room or the lobby. At least you can have yourself feel psyched up that your friend is there no matter what. Better yet, book your boudoir photo sessions together so you both have a blast!