corsets for bodytypes with label

Lingerie to Wear for Your Body Type

When deciding what to wear, boudoir outfits can be daring or modest, cute or sexy.  A corset is one item of clothing that very popular in boudoir photography, second only to a matching bra/panty/garter set. Corsets are a great look.

But even if it’s just for everyday or casual use, the corset that you’re wearing should fit and match well with your body type. Even if the purpose of corset (in itself) is to create that ultra feminine waistline, but a proper choice of corset can make feel super confident and can even improve your posture when worn regularly.

Pear Shape

If you’ve got a pear-shaped body, look for a corset which has accessories on the top half or has a brighter color and shape. Corsets with halter details and with push-up construction are even better at balancing out your upper and lower body.

Hourglass Shape

Women with an hourglass shape are the lucky ones when it comes to corsets, since their inherent purpose is to make all body types look more hourglass! Since your body size is totally proportional with each other, any style of corset will definitely look good  on you. If you like to really accentuate your curves, a waist cincher will do it best for you.

Speaking of waist cinchers, or under-bust corsets, I am absolutely in LOVE with them.  You can wear a separate bra for the perfect fit. Mix or match colors and patterns for a truly unique look.

Apple Shape

If your body looks rounder or fuller, make sure that your corset has attention-seeking accessories toward the middle of the corset, near the front hooks. A corset with a v-taper detail in the middle is the best choice, as it creates more the illusion of an hourglass shape.  The absolute best design is what I think of as an “implied shadow”:  solid black on the sides and a lighter shade in the middle.  .

The neckline of a corset is also important for apple-shaped bodies. Sweetheart, boat, or V necklines will be best for your body shape. If you show off a bit of cleavage, that will be even better!

Inverted Triangle Shape

For inverted triangle shapes, look for a corset with a peplum, skirt, or lacy details at the bottom that create more volume around your hips. This is create more of the hourglass shape. Accentuate your hip area with a boyshort panty and wide top stockings to really show off your gams!

Still not sure what to wear?  Contact me and we’ll design the perfect wardrobe for your dream shoot in our studio!