Custom Lingerie for Your Boudoir Photo Session

One of our goals in the studio this year was to expand our lingerie closet for each client to be able to use during her boudoir photo session. My personal favorites are the items we have found at Juste Moi.

Mission not really accomplished, since we wanted something really elegant, affordable AND unique, and have had a bit of a difficult time finding show-stopping pieces that also photograph well.

Enter my dear friend, Toni. She’s a pattern maker, and by that I mean an amazing artist who can create some of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever laid eyes on.

When I told her what I wanted to do, and asked if she’d be interested in going on this adventure with me, her immediate answer was YES (thank goodness!).

We planned, looked at what designs photograph best, are versatile with what most ladies bring in for their boudoir photo session, scoured the fabric mart downtown and are planning a trip to the LA fabric district (shhh, don’t tell our husbands!)…I think we’ve come up with something you’ll really enjoy!

And yes, before  you ask, we are planning on having pieces for sale, just aren’t sure where yet, click here to find out what inspired the whole project. Maybe etsy or a website we will have to design next! Oh man, this project just got a LOT bigger!

So without further adieu, I present to you a sneak peek of a couple of the designs coming to the studio very soon, and will be available for you to using during your boudoir photo session. Who’ll be first?!

Which is your favorite?




This beautiful design will be available soon for your boudoir photo session.




In process…




The finished pink bra-babydoll style.



This taupe halter bra is a design that flatters everyone!



Can you see yourself wearing this bespoke bra for your boudoir photo session?