Intimate Photography As a Way to Feel Beautiful

In Ms J’s words:   My husband and I have been married for 9 years this summer. We have been through so much together and I thought intimate photography would be a perfect gift for him.

My fear in having intimate photography taken was if I was going to feel comfortable in little clothing in front of the camera and Jillian. But, once I got there I felt at ease and Jillian made me feel more comfortable than I could have imagined.

My favorite part of my intimate photography experience was that it was so much fun! What could have been better? I got dolled up, felt amazingly beautiful, and laughed a lot. Jillian is so comforting and a true professional when it comes to intimate photos, and photography in general. You can tell she puts so much time into planning the best props and positions for each of her clients.

What responses did you get from your Beloved/friends/family about your images? My husband and I are the only ones to see them so far!! When I showed him the book he was so impressed. He LOVED them!

What did you enjoy most during the planning of your intimate photography session? Shopping for the wardrobe!! I feel so much more confident with myself after seeing how beautiful I look in the pictures.

What three words describe your experience best? Fun, beauty, excitement

What three words describe Jillian Todd Portraits the best? Talented, professional, fabulous!


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