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Boudoir Outfit Ideas | Nothing

Drawing a Blank for Boudoir Outfit Ideas? Try nothing!     When you think boudoir outfit ideas, what usually comes to mind is corsets, garters, and stockings. What about “nothing”? Dare to bare it all in noir style black and whites, nude in the sheets, or with a super sexy heel. I remember a few […]

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How to Choose a Good Boudoir Outfit

Choose a good boudoir outfit by evaluating its features: This is a great option for almost any body shape! When you want to choose a good boudoir outfit for your photo session, check out how it’s structured. Garters are always sexy, and this V shape makes it a great choice for boudoir on that point […]

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Boudoir Outfits | Sexy Slips

Slips are some of the best boudoir outfits I shoot!  They don’t have to be your grandma’s style slip under a dress, think body con with a little squeeze. Under-wires are great in slips, because when choosing boudoir outfits, you want something with a little support, especially if you have more than a B cup […]

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Red Hot Boudoir Outfits

Red, so gorgeous, so daring, so perfect for a boudoir photography session. Do you love red? Hate it? How much do you have in your closet?  Ok, confession: I am not a big fan of red…at least for myself. As a redhead, I really can’t pull this look off, and even when I was blonde […]

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Glamour Photography Outfits | Glittery Gold

  It’s All That Glitters Whether you’re considering a glamour photography session or boudoir, or even both (my fave, hint hint!), glittery fabrics for your glamour photography outfits are definitely a great choice, since sparkling fashion is one of those trends that never goes away. There is something truly beautiful about glitter cocktail dresses which inspires all […]

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Boudoir Photo Outfit Ideas | Nude

Boudoir Photo Outfit Ideas in Nude When it comes to lingerie, corsets are a must-have piece for every lady’s wardrobe, especially one (or maybe a few) of them in amazing nude shades.The are one of favorite boudoir photo outfit ideas!  If you’ve never shopped for one before, it may be a bit confusing for you […]

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Basic Black | Boudoir Outfit Ideas

A boudoir photography session is a great opportunity for every woman to explore all her natural beauty and sensuality in an amazing way. When dressing for a boudoir photography session, feel free to be creative, just like you are dressing for a very special occasion. All the accessories and jewelry that you choose are an […]

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