Discovering Hidden Beauty

Citrus Heights Boudoir Photography Ms K’s Experience Letting Out the Hidden Beauty   Ms K’s Citrus Heights Boudoir Photography Experience, in her own words. What was your biggest fear before hiring us for Citrus Heights Boudoir Photography? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead? I would say my biggest fear was really […]

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portrait photography sacramento pink sweater

Portrait Photography Sacramento | Great Fun and Empowerment

Ms M came in for a portrait photography session to boost her self confidence and see herself as more than just the roles she plays. She is incredibly smart and dedicated to her job in medicine, but didn’t see herself as the gorgeous woman she is.   What was your biggest fear before hiring us for […]

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Beautiful In Her Own Skin | Sacramento Boudoir Pictures

Sacramento Boudoir Pictures  to Accept Herself She chose Sacramento boudoir pictures because: “I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel truly beautiful in my own skin again without losing the weight.” Ms T contacted me, wanting to surprise her hubby for their anniversary, as well as see herself as beautiful. She had been feeling bad about gaining […]

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