boudoir skin prep

Beautiful Skin for Boudoir Photos | Boudoir Photographer Sacramento Challenge

  With summer winding down, and lots of boudoir photography sessions now done, edited and printed in gorgeous albums, I want to give a moment of silence for all the skin I edited.  Skin that has been abused by the sun, and has been victimized by our busy lifestyles. (closes eyes in moment of silence) […]

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Makeup Primers | Boudoir Photography Folsom

Perfect Boudoir Photography Makeup Doesn’t Only Have to Happen at Your Portrait Session.  Many women who ask me about makeup are usually under the impression that makeup application starts with foundation or concealer.  For perfect,  portrait-ready makeup every day, primer is imperative. Primer? Like paint primer? Well, sort of…. As a teen, I worked for […]

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Makeup Monday Eyeliner

Makeup Monday: Eyeliner has had many different uses and meanings throughout history. Eyeliner originated, as far as historians can tell, to protect the eyes from scorching heat in Egypt as well as for protection from the Evil Eye.   In the ’20s, with the discovery of King Tut’s Tomb, women in the US were inspired […]

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