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Mature Boudoir and Glamour Photography | Introducing bel âge Folsom

The last few months I’ve delivered portraits to  beautiful women, women that share something specific in common: their over looked ages.  A gift for her husband of 20+ years. A gift, ultimately, for her.  As she pulled the images out of the gorgeous silk box she had ordered, she quietly, so quietly said, “I will […]

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boudoir outfit ideas

Glamour Photography Outfit Ideas |Bring What I Want

Tee hee; just kidding about that last part.  Sort of! In all seriousness, this is the biggest question I get in my photography studio:  What do I bring to wear?  Now, the first thing that comes to mind, of course, when choosing boudoir outfits, is garters, stockings and bras, basically ‘typical’  lingerie.  Don’t limit yourself, […]

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History of Female Beauty vol 3 | Glamour Photographer Sacramento

Glamour Photography Sacramento Part 1:     What started this in the first place? Part 2:     Responses on Facebook to my question WTF happened? Prepare to either be dazzled by my brilliance or baffled by my bullshit. My observation is very simple.  I call it “Porn Chic (C)”.  I noticed, over the last 10 […]

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History of Female Beauty vol 2 | Boudoir Photographer Sacramento

Glamour Photographer Sacramento Some of the answers I got on my Glamour and Boudoir Photography Page on Facebook: “Guess what ladies…sex has *always* sold. People have been photoshopping pictures since before there were pictures. And all of those near-naked pics of women in ads…the ads aren’t geared toward men, they’re geared toward *YOU*, and you eat […]

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